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modern bathroom sets design concept ideas 1 by art tic barcelona Bathroom Design Decor Concept IdeasNot only the living room, dining room, and bedroom, a bathroom is also one important room that can describe the personality of the homeowner. so, today many homeowners make the concept of the bathroom is not only clean, but also comfort, artistic and luxurious. as have been made by Art-Tic designer in Barcelona, a bathroom layout design concept with an artistic is equipped with bath tube, toilet, bathroom sink, etc.
modern bathroom decor design concept ideas 2 Bathroom Design Decor Concept Ideas
The dominance of beige on the walls and floors, as well as artistic and unique shape make this bathroom decor concept is very harmonious. The bathroom was also impressed by the natural and fresh because of the beautiful plants. It’s not use ceramic for flooring, but use strong concrete materials, and not slippery.

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