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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home – it offers a safe haven for each and every family member; a place where they can relax after a long and stressful day and a place where their privacy is guaranteed if they need some time for themselves.

With that in mind you will want to decorate your bathroom in a way that is comfortable and cosy. On the other hand, a bathroom is usually very humid, so you can’t rely on traditional decorations like paintings and soft furnishings. Moreover, bathrooms are typically smaller in size than other room, so you don’t want to clutter them with decor. Instead, you need some functional decorative items that belong in the bathroom, but that can also make it more beautiful as well.

Starting with the floor and walls, you can create amazing tile designs, which will already start to decorate the room. There are numerous designs you can try and experiment with. For example, you can visually separate the toilet from the shower by using slightly different tile shades, or crisscrossing the colours of the tiles in both areas (e.g. blue floor and white walls near the toilet and white floor and blue walls near the shower). You can also halve the wall, place a single row of another shade after it and then a light shade on the top half of the wall. You can also put accent areas of tiles in various places, make random patterns with the tiles and more. In addition, it is possible to purchase patterned tiles with a wall paper effect, that will give your bathroom a fabulously luxurious feel to it.

Modern bathroom with glass shower enclosure Functional Bathroom Designs   A Few Ideas
Modern bathroom with glass shower enclosure by RW Anderson Homes

The next staple bathroom item that can also be used to add impact, glamour and whatever effect your choose, is the shower curtain. The curtain can be of a stylish or fun design (depending on your personal preferences); it can be the accent of the bathroom, or in sync with the entire colour palette. For a shower enclosure wall, you can purchase wall art specifically for bathrooms that will make it a feature wall, adding drama to the room.

While on the topic of showers, you will have a mat in front to keep yourself from having an unfortunate falling incident. So why not use that as a decoration too? Instead of purchasing something simple or of a classic bathroom design, you could dig a little deeper and find something that is more stylish and more like a real, genuine rug.

If you want to glam up your bathroom, try replacing your basic sink and mirror with a vanity unit. The mirror can be ornate or come equipped with stylish LED lighting; the sink can be something different than the classic white and the vanity unit itself can be beautifully decorated. The items you place in the cabinet, near the sink, or on the vanity unit can also be functional and decorative – a beautiful soap holder, a beautiful vase to keep your toothbrushes in and anything else you can think of.

When you purchase items like these, you won’t need any additional decorations – your bathroom will be very beautiful, clean, and not stuffed with unnecessary items. All you need is some creativity and a willingness to search beyond the usual bathroom accessories.

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