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Floor of the house became one of the instructions as what your taste and lifestyle of the residents. Currently, other than from ceramics and tiles, flooring also can made from wooden. Way to clean the floors which is made from wooden different from the floor which is made from tiles. Most owners of houses with laminate floor is often difficult to clean the laminate floor, but now you do not have to fret because essentially clean the floor is quite simple. Here are ways to clean up your wooden floor to keep shiny.

In order to easy cleaning laminate floors, the first thing to do is to sweep, use a soft broom to clean up your laminate floors. After sweeping the floor, you can clean up your floor with a mix of distilled white vinegar with a ratio of ½ cup to each gallon of warm water. We recommend that you do not use chemicals such as ammonia and bleach, because if the chemicals are used in the long run it could damage your laminate flooring sealant.

The final step is to clean up your laminate floor with a mop. When you mop the laminate floor you can use a towel or sponge mop head. In order to maintain the durability of your laminate floor so keep it away from pool of water because if your laminate floor then splashed by water can be seeps into the pores of the laminate floor. So one of the recommended way is use a cloth / towel which is then dried in advance. Laminate flooring can increase the beauty of your home if maintained properly. Therefore, to maintain the elegance of your home use the appropriate chemicals to clean up your laminate floor.

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