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white sliding door closet Wardrobe or Closet Placement Tips
Wardrobe is one of the important furniture in a house, not only for storing clothes, Wardrobe or cabinets can also be used for storing other items, like shoes, bag, etc.. To get a room that does not narrow, the selection of cabinet size of course we need to think, especially when we only have a small room.

modern sliding door wardrobes Wardrobe or Closet Placement Tips
We need looking for more tips for placement of wardrobe, either directly from the experts or just see pictures of the room. Well, one of the tips to make the room look not so filled with cabinets/wardrobe are:

  • Creating a hidden wardrobe in the wall, so it just seemed the door only, and the room look more spacious and tidy
  • Other than that we can utilize the empty space, such as putting cabinets / drawers under the mattress
  • Use sliding door cabinet, not like the usual closet door, sliding door is better choice
  • Don’t put a lot of cabinets for a small room
  • Place the cabinet adjacent to the other furniture that has similiar/same color.
  • It’s better to use one big wardrobe which has a lot of storage functions, than use the small wardrobe/kitchen but more, it’s make room look so complicated.

sliding door hidden wardrobe designs Wardrobe or Closet Placement Tips

The following is example of drawers under the bed, and furniture placement ideas for small bedroom (Place the wardrobe and all other furniture in the same corner).
small girls bedroom purple decorating photo Wardrobe or Closet Placement Tips

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