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small living room furniture modern layout design Simple Way to Decorate a Small Living Room
As the homeowner, sure we’ll make living room feel confidence. Other than to make guest (or for family) feel comfortable, arrangement of the living room can provide a good or bad impression of us as homeowner. Well, if we just have a small living room space, the following are simple way how to decorate a small living room or family room:

  • Use the main furniture (sofa, table, etc) that has a slim or small size. So, the room doesn’t feel cramped
  • Use bright colors, and match the color with the furniture are available in the living room.
  • To make the room has an attractive appearance and feel unique, give some furniture decoration to be displayed, but remember, don’s use large furniture.

small living room decorating ideas Simple Way to Decorate a Small Living Room
small living room furniture sets decoration Simple Way to Decorate a Small Living Room

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